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Can anyone direct me how to make a “Edit/update credit card info” function with stripe?

Hi there. I’m struggling with making a “edit/update credit card info” function here. I followed the demo and recreated the environment on my app but it seems I got no luck.

I get a following error message when I run the function on my app.

The plugin Stripe Marketplace Express / action Go to checkout a SCA threw the following error: construct@[native code]
construct@[native code] (please report this to the plugin author)

I just want to make a simple edit/update card info feature on my app. I’ll be much appreciated for any helps regarding building the function or a basic idea for building it.

Hi @junhoshino, thanks for your message.

For a better understanding of the described issue, please share a screencast (I recommend using the Loom tool) with the workflow setup and mentioned error popup. It will allow us to find the solution much faster.

P.S. Please be sure to have the SCA plugin element on page, and check that plugin element/workflow steps are not copied (copy&paste) from the demo (in this case it might not work properly).

Looking forward to your reply.


I figured this out thanks.

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