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Can i use Forumly with Algolia Search?


Hello I would like to combine Forumly & Algolia search to create a powerful forum / directory? Is this mostly plug & play with some code less? Or would I have to do anything special?


yes, it’s possible, although it’s not very simple plug and play and would require some tweaking here and there… But why would you like to use Algolia from the very beginning? Perhaps you could do that later when you have more data entries?


Your absolutely correct, I think it’s a little early to use Algolia. I do have one issue I found a workaround but I would really like to have a search& autocorrect Gg on the Dashboard page. I’ve customized it to bring the Topic post as well search on the page and moved statistics elsewhere. The issue that I’m running into is I can only ever get one Search & autocorrect to work on that page for one RG. My workaround has to rebuild the header with three separate pages for each search. This works but not ideal due to the load times. Do you have any suggestions?


did you try using a reusable element?