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Can I use the same template that my alternative is already using?


I want to buy a template for my business idea.
But came to know that my alternative company (another company) is already using the same template for the same business.

Can i use the template to start my business? or will that be a copyright issue?


Hi @rbogireddy , thanks for reaching out.

We highly appreciate your interest in Zeroqode templates.

Basically, we are selling these templates to anyone who is interested in No Code Products.
Since all of our templates are fully customizable, it depends on each customer how they will customize these templates and make their own app.

So as not to worry that your platform will be identical to someone else who uses this template - we can recommend that you customize the design of your template in a unique way.

We can only help/answer questions regarding the default functionality of this template.

I hope the above is useful to you. :pray:

@Zeroqode can I get support for createry template?

Hi @moserbcudi,
Thank you for your message and purchase.

Sure thing, let’s stick to this forum thread where you already asked about some of the issues you have faced during the template usage.

Thank you!