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Can Pinterly Use Pinterest API for Source Data

I want to create a viewer for Pinterest that just adds a a few simple options to the pins. So I need to use th Pinterest API to get the boards, pins, etc. And then again to write back a few changes to Pinterest. I know Pinterests API is capable of what I want but can it be used a source to Pinterly?

Hi, @jon.richings!

If there are public endopoint which you can connect to, the Pinterest API can be used as a source to Pinterly through the bubble’s API connector. For instance, it might be implemented through the bubble functionality- data source Get data from external API

I’m afraid, we cannot guarantee the exact working solution to this matter, because it needs to be tested and configured properly and more related to bubble functionality itself. Anyway, from the first sight, it’s doable. Please take a look at these threads that might be helpful in your case:

  1. Pinterest and API
  2. [New Feature] API Connector version 2

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.