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Cannot get PDF to generate


Hi there,

I have purchased the PDF Generator plugin however I cannot for the life of me get the PDF to generate.

The workflow is as follows:

Click Save (On Popup id=do)
Convert Popup (id=do) Element to PDF
Workflow: When ConverttoPDF uploading to AWS completed is finished -> Create File in db - Send email with file. (This workflow never runs on my app).

See below screenshots. I have tried conversion is finished also but is not working also. The workflow never triggers on my app.

Please assist.


Hello @pieter.

Have you checked our demo setup - https://zeroqode-demo-01.bubbleapps.io/page-to-pdf for the plugin and documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/bubble-page-to-pdf-plugin ?
Could be a good idea to check it.

Also would you please add us to your app as collaborators so we could see the issue and try to debug it ([email protected]; [email protected]).
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.


Hi there,

I have gone through the demo and replicated on my app but not winning. I have added you as collaborators on my app and sent further details via email.



Just checking whether you managed to find the issue?



HI Pieter,
we are on it and I believe you’ll here an update from us soon
thanks for your patience


Hi @pieter so we found the issue

  1. please put the pdf element on the main page instead of inside the group
  2. remove the “signature” plugin that you are using because it throws errors.
    After this is done, please refresh the editor and give it another try.


Awesome thanks so much. Will do this and test. The signature plugin however is a crucial part of the PDF, any other alternative recommendations that will work with this plugin?


you can try this plugin https://zeroqode.com/plugin/paint--signature-pad-1527080158066x421238979880812540


Hi @levon,

I have deleted the signature plugin, placed the PDF element on the page and retested. It is still not working.

Can you please check and advise?



did you refresh the page after doing all this?


Hi @levon,

Yes, I have refreshed the page, cleared browser cache however it is still not generating. Have tried both the below workflow actions as well and neither one produces a result:



we have created a page “test2” in your app. please check

  1. you should have deleted the plugin from the page and then install it again
  2. your popup was closing almost immediately and plugin didn’t have to process the pdf. We changed it to "when converting is finished " event so the popup closes only when pdf processing is finished
    hope this helps


Hi @levon,

To confirm, will this then mean I cannot generate a PDF from a hidden group? I.e the group needs to be visible to generate the PDF.

If this is the case, do you have an ETA on a Generate a PDF from another page feature? I read somewhere it was on the feature backlog?

Thanks again will give this a go and let you know.


yes, the group has to be visible. generating PDF from another page wouldn’t be possible right now because it requires Bubble’s server side actions to support usage of external libraries which isn’t the case yet unfortunately and I’m not sure if it will ever be.
sorry about that
by the way, you could experiment with having the group visible at the page load and then hiding it. That way the plugin might get initialized but you won’t have to show it. Not 100% sure it’d work but if it’s critical for you then you could try. thanks