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Cannot reset generated image on Barcode & QR Code Reader

Hi there,

I am using the paid version of Barcode & QR Code Reader.
Our website is an employee timesheet management where the admin adds employees and automatically generates unique QR codes for every employee.

I cannot save the generated image in the thing with the same workflow as the image seems empty, From the second employee, it is saved but the QR code is from the previous employee.

Also, Is there a way to reset the generated image without refreshing the browser? ("reset a relevant input/reset a group do NOT work either)
Or better yet, can you guys make backend workflow possible?

Thank you

Hi @manabu,
Thank you for reaching out and for using the Barcode & QR Code Reader Plugin. :pray:

In order to save the generated QR code in the database, you have to use it separately, after the QR code is generated → create a new thing only when conditions are met. Check the screenshots below:

One option to solve this would be to use custom states as you can see in the screenshots above. Please check my test page and try reproducing it on your side: zeroqode-demo-07 | Bubble Editor

Hope the above will be useful, please let me know if it helped, also I would appreciate it if you could tell me what exactly are you trying to achieve by using the backend workflow.

Looking forward to your reply. :pray:
Best regards, :slight_smile: