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Cannot state appointment time from Air Calendar in email

I am using Air Calendar to book tutoring appointments from my tutoring marketplace. When the student has successfully paid for and booked the appointment, however, I want to sent a confirmation email to the student and the tutor with the appointment time, but the appointment time is always a few hours later than the actual appointment time made.

Also when a student has successfully made an appointment with a tutor, the appointment does not show up on the tutor or student’s calendar.

Hi @soojungish, thanks for your message.

Most probably, you save the events in the database, with the indication of the user’s timezone. On mail sending, it is required to recalculate the time of the event, using the Bubble platform functionality.
See this only as an example of time formatting and adapt it for your case.

Depending on your case requirement, you can use the static or dynamic choice (please check the related Bubble supporting doc on time formats).

Please be sure to indicate all required fields and sources. As set up guidance, please use the plugin demo editor page: Seanhootsdemopro | Bubble Editor
and supporting documentation: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/air-calendar-full-calendar

Hope the provided hints helps. In case any of the issues will persist, please let me know and provide more set up details (screencast or screenshots).


Hi @Serg,

What is the triggering event in the workflow for Make changes to User? I am only seeing “When AirCalendar Bottom…” as the triggering event and then it cuts off in your screenshot. Also, do I need to upgrade my AirCalendar plugin? I think mine is from last year.


Hi @soojungish, thanks for your reply.

Please consider the screenshot only as an example of time formatting in the indicated source. You need to adapt it to your case and use it within the “Send email” action.

Yes, please update your plugin to the newest version, as since last year we’ve fixed some issues.


Hi @Serg,

When I look at my workflow screen, I only see the following options. I am only working from Button Pay is clicked-> Send email trigger and am not sure where to insert the Make changes to User option that you have shown.

In the plugin demo editor page, I am only seeing the following option- Air calendar bottom event is modified → Make changes to appointment trigger. I am not sure how to Make changes to the User as you have shown and where to insert that in my workflow. Please advise, thanks

Hi @soojungish, thanks for your reply and additional details.

On sending a mail, in order to display the picked time in a proper format for the receiving user, please be sure to use the following formatting:

On saving events within your bubble database, please use the time formatting as is shown in the above-mentioned screenshot from our plugin demo editor.

For guidance, please see the related supporting doc compartment: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/air-calendar-full-calendar#1s-timezone-feature

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi @Serg,

I am trying to send the email to the student user and tutor user and am unsure how to set the timezone of the time selected by the student in AirCalendar.Can you please check my send email setting below? Currently it says TimezoneOffsets: calculate timezone but I am not sure if this done correctly.

Also I have reviewed the demo plugin editor page and am not able to identify which of the workflows/settings is required to show previous appointment in the calendar. I have successfully booked yoga from 7-9pm but when I go back to the tutor’s calendar the appointment does not show up from 7-9pm or anywhere else

Hi @soojungish, thanks for the message.

The best option, in this case, would be to pass both cases through testing, using two different timezones.
As an additional recommendation, to avoid confusion, you can indicate the Current User Timezone without formatting, just indicating current user timezone.

Also, check if the indicated event source is the same as where the event is saved.


I have resolved the issues. Thank you!

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Hi @soojungish, thanks for letting me know that all is solved :slight_smile:
If there will be anything else about our plugin that would require our help, drop a message :wink:

Have a nice week ahead!