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Can't deploy "instamart" template to live version


I currently can’t deploy the instamart template to a live version because I get the “fix issue” - "charge the current user: remember to fill your public and private keys for stripe.

Can someone explain what I have to do in order to deploy it to live?

Hello, @Nicuzz

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  1. Thanks for adding our support account as a collaborator of your app. That helped to figure out the root cause of your issue.
    Also, I’ve deleted the “edit me” element from your index page. It will be gone after the deployment.

  2. To fix the deploy obstacles, you need to add a Stripe plugin to your app and adjust it. How to, please find here:

Except for deleting the “edit me” element, I return your application as it was. Please add a Stripe plugin to your app, adjust its settings and confirm if the issues were gone and it is possible to do a deploy.