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Can't get Web Notifications to work on iOS

I installed and configured the Web Notifications plugin a few days ago. It is working great on desktop Chrome and Android Chrome but I can’t seem to get it to allow notifications on iOS/iPhone.

I have the Bubble app on the home screen of the iOS device. I have enabled notifications in Safari but when I run the app, it never prompts me to “Allow Notifications” and when the user clicks my “Subscribe” button, a subscription isn’t created on iOS device. Not sure what else to check.


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Hi @jpaynesoftware, :wave:

Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply. :pray:

Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad to hear that the Web Notifications plugin is working well for you on desktop Chrome and Android Chrome.

Please ensure that the above conditions are met on your iOS device:

  1. Update iOS and Safari: Make sure your iOS device is running iOS 16.4 or later and that Safari is up to date.
  2. Add to Home Screen: Ensure that your Bubble app is added to the home screen of your iOS device. This can be done by tapping the “Share” button in Safari and selecting “Add to Home Screen.”
  3. Enable Notifications in Safari: Double-check that notifications are enabled in Safari settings.

If you have checked all these settings and still face issues, please let me know, and we can explore further troubleshooting steps.

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Yes, these are all the things I have done and checked. I have automatic updates installed and the iPhone 12 mini is on 17.5.1. Let me know what else I can check.


Hello @jpaynesoftware, :wave:

Would it be convenient for you to share access to your app so we can take a look?

For this please add our email as a collaborator of your app (disregard the warning, our email can be added to the collaborator list even if your app is on the Free plan). And please let me know the page name where the plugin elements are found.

Looking forward to your reply.

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On this topic, when I tell my app running on the phone and send a notification, it sends it to my desktop browser instead!.

It seems like I need multiple subscriptions for each device (desktop browser/phone device browser/etc.). How can I store those and track the subscriptions to multiple devices. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?



I had the same issue. I use the Platform Detection plugin to get a description of the computer subscribing and I write that description to the database along with the subscription so each device can subscribe separately under the same user. Works well. Only issue would be if two devices with the same user were the same type and same OS versions then the descriptions might be the same. Example Description: “Chrome on OS X 10.15.7 64-bit”