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Cartoon-Like Images - Where do you find them?

What are the cartoon-like images in the screenshot below called (for example, the guy working at the desk in the photo below), where do you find them, and how do you use them in Bubble apps?

Thank you!

Hello @calicass83

The production of templates, we use different resources to find quality assets which can be used in templates from unsplash, to pexels and something in between like flaticon and freepik.
Other times we create new ones or adapt from an existing set of assets to our design idea.
You can check the resources (ex: unsplash, pexels, freepik) mentioned in this post, and find what you exactly need.
Hope this helps.


Ok, thank you for your response. What are these types of images called?


In the example above which you’ve mentioned, a vector type illustration is used.