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Category drop down not populating in Crowdfunding Template


When selecting the category drop down on the Raise Funds page, nothing seems to populate. I’ve tried recreating the template and comparing the differences to see what I may be missing but coming up empty. Anyone faced a similar issue, how did you resolve?

Page with issue: https://raiseyourhands.co/raisefunds


did you make changes to the template already?
does this issue exist in the original template preview link?


Hello, the category dropdown populates data from the database and when you create an app based on the template the database comes empty. We will enable the option to copy the database as well and waiting for Bubble to fix something in this regard. Meanwhile, you could try to manually add categories in the database if you don’t want to wait, thanks!


Thanks @levon. I did make changes to the template, but I created a test one without editing. When you mention adding category’s are you saying I need to add them here Data>Add Data>All Categorys. This is what I’ve added but it doesn’t seem to pull in. This is the full site www.raiseyourhands.co and screenshot of the backend.


i assume you add the content to the database in the development version and then expect them to appear on the live version of your app.
you should check the development version here https://raiseyourhands.co/version-test
and if you want the database from development version to appear in the live (or vice versa) you simply need to copy it by clicking “copy and restore database” - this is the red link which can be seen on your screenshot


Thanks so much for your support @levon, this was the fix!