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Change cursor color

How do I change the color on my pointer? Right now, it is white so it is difficult to know that it is possible to comment. In addition, my text written on the comment section is white as well :frowning:

Hello, @allrounder. Thanks for reaching out.

It seems to me that you are using a Hackerly template and have customized a comment section. But it is needed to be sure.

Thus, to help us figure out your issue correctly, please provide as many details as possible:

  • what product you are using?
  • did you add any plugins to your app that could affect your comment section?
  • what kind of changes you have added to your comment section?
  • please provide the screenshots of the comment section element properties.
  • indicate steps to reproduce your issue, if it is possible.
  • and share a video recording of your issue, if it is possible.

With these details, it will be much easier to provide you with the proper support.
Thank you for understanding :pray: