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Change Zip Code to Postal Code(InstaMart Template)

Hi Everyone,

Im newer to bubble.io and zeroqode. The InstaMart Template i purchased is using Zip codes to show where stores are. For example the customer types in their zip code 10001 and then the website will show all the stores matching that zip code. I’m trying to make it so that the customer can type in their postal code (Canada), and all the stores that match the first 3 digits of their postal code show up.

Ex. Customer types in L5L 3L7, and the website show stores matching L5L & maybe another another area really close, but priority would be L5L.

Help would be much appreciated!



Hi @happyfoodslunch,

Thanks for using our products. It is totally possible to customize the template and implement this functionality. For this, I would highly recommend you understand well the Bubble basics first, especially how Repeating Groups work. We can help you with our online Bubble courses you can find here at https://lab.zeroqode.com/ with different levels and topics, as a starting point.
To accomplish the custom search, when customer types in the postal code, you should add a repeating group element below the search bar that will retrieve data from database and display it on page. On this matter, we have built a special plugin that can ease the development process a lot. You can check it here at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/zq-fuzzy-search--autocomplete-1553511659347x392791628733743100 that allows search and autocomplete function.
Also, if you have Bubble related questions, you can reach out to a great community out here https://forum.bubble.io/, but if there are some difficulties with the template itself please inform me.

Hope it is helpful.