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Changing from Stripe V2 (Legacy) to V3 in "Memberships like Patreon"

I am using the template “Memberships like Patreon” and it was preset for Stripe V2 (Legacy), when I switch to Stripe V3 in the Plugin updater it shows 4 issues to fix.
The new Plugin Version of Stripe asks 2 times for NAME and DYNAMIC IMAGE.

Any idea what exactly to provide in these fields?

Will the app work if I add this information or do I have to alter on other places aswell although not indicated?

Appreciate help.

Attached a screenshot.

Hello, @norman
Thanks for reaching out.

Please allow me to mention that in mentioned fields you should just indicate the Name of the product and the image for it. So, in case you are using a list of products, please enter “Do a search for products” here.

Allow me to recommend you analyze this documentation for a better understanding of the plugin:

Please try mentioned steps and let me know about your result.
Best regards,

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