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Changing Template to Free

Hello, I have bought the Scriptly Template. I want to change the template to free (customer doesn’t need any subscription to use the app) with the option of having stripe subscription in the near future.

How can I do this? Is there any easy workaround?

Hello @dj009, thank you for reaching out!

In this case, the only solution is to redesign the workflows and hide or edit elements related to the subscription. Overall there isn’t an easy workaround like a button that could disable subscription functionality. Either way, editing the template will be needed. Considering that you want to have stripe subscription in the near future I would recommend not to delete the elements and workflows related to a subscription but only to hide them.

In order to provide the users’ possibility of using your app for free, you will have to create a new workflow for login. And in this workflow to you can either:
assign to the user account the will have to have an action that makes changes to user data type and change userSubscriptionActive to “yes”
In this case, the users will be assigned a Yearly subscription plan.

Alternatively, you can delete all verifications of the subscription plan. In this case, when you will need to add the subscription back it will be harder. As you will have to set again all verifications of subscription.

Overall it is possible to implement that in different ways, but before editing please take into consideration that it is recommended to have at least intermediate knowledge of Bubble editor for applying modifications to the template.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,