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Changing the layout

HI I’m just getting into Bubble and purchased your DataTable plugin to help with the development of a test-app. I have two (hopefully obvious) questions:

  1. If I need to change the field order, or add a new field in between two existing fields. What is the best way to do it?

  2. Can I hide a column? I believe we need UniqueID at the start to open the selected record, but users would not need to or wish to see it.

Hi, @andrewbrown1608!

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, sure thing, it is possible to change the field order. You just simply set the order of the columns you’d like to display in the workflow. See screenshot as a reference.

The same here, you just select the column you want :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you kindly visit our docs page where you can find the plugin setup?

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Thank you for coming back to me Julia.

First off, I’m guessing it’s my lack of experience with this platform/plugin - but I cannot see how, “set the order of the columns you’d like to display in the workflow” actually translates to what I need to do. For example, if I needed to move 4 in between 1 and 2 (as per your example).

Finally, yes I visited the docs page, but again, could not see any reference to how to hide the field.

If it’s me, I apologise.

Hey, @andrewbrown1608!

It’s ok, let me describe a bit differently for better understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:
To move 4 in between 1 and 2 you simple click on the bin, removing the field you don’t need and then click on the Set another key/value to add the new field, in the plugin action- Add Table when the page is load.

Here is the result of the change.

Whenever you want to hide (it means not to show a specific field) you just not to indicate it.

Thus, you cannot hide or delete a field directly in the table from the UI. This can be done only from the editor, having previously configured the necessary fields that you plan to display in your table.

Hope this was helpful!
Best, Julia.