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ChargeBee Pause Subscription Actually Sends Cancel Subscription Call

Hey, there. Recently been working on / using the Chargebee plugin and have attempted to set-up the Pause Subscription action but all the fields are mapping to the cancel subscription request.

The Pause Subscription action WORKS, but can’t edit any of the fields relevant to it like pausing on a specific date, whether to hold invoices, etc.

I am using version 1.2.0 of the plugin. Please advise if this can be fixed / addressed.

Hello, @logandeyo
Thanks for using our plugin and for reaching out.

About Pause subscription fields (samples of JSON request and response, and input parameters) see Chargebee docs.

You could schedule the pause by passing specific_date/end_of_term parameter in pause_option. If scheduled, the subscription will not be paused until the specific_date/end_of_term is reached.

All the fields are clickable on our side, so you need just to introduce the correct data there.

In case you have any questions - let me know.
Best regards,