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Check S3 bucket for presence of file?

Hi there,

I’m starting to use the AWS S3 File Uploader and things are going well so far.

To ensure that my interface displays everything correctly, is there a way to check my S3 bucket as to whether the file I am trying to call exists or not?

I want to make sure that if for some reason a particular file gets deleted in my S3 bucket, I can get some sort of response code error to indicate that the file doesn’t exist. In this event I can then show some other information or image.

Any ideas?

Hi @underhill.dan,

Sure, please check our demo editor to see how it is built to actually check on your S3 bucket files. You are able to use plugin’s S3 Objects element and retrieve the files from your bucket, in a RepeatingGroup for example, as per our demo. The uploader element comes with states you can use as well, and one of them is Error message.

Hope it helps!