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Checkboxes from Materialize CSS plugin not displaying correctly


I’ve been using the Materialize CSS plugin to display Material Checkboxes on my app without issues.

I recently checked on the page that is employing the Material Checkboxes and the checkboxes display correctly.

This is what the element looks like in the app builder:

This is what it looks like on the front end:

Checked to ensure I’m running the latest version: 1.7 (which I am)

Any ideas what the issue/how to fix it?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for reporting this, we’ll check it out

we couldn’t reproduce the issue, but please try to remove “my checkbox” label and then refresh the editor.
if it doesn’t help, please uninstall and reinstall the plugin

Hi, I tried to remove “my checkbox label”. After removing the label, the checkbox no longer displays on the page. I also tried removing the dynamic logic and placing a non dynamic checkbox. Same behavior, no label and it doesn’t display. When applying a label, instead of a checkbox I get the label.

Also tried uninstalling/reinstalling without luck.

can you add [email protected] to the collaborators? (you don’t need special plan for this, as the account is on agency)