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Click and Hover effects on repeating group

OK. Please check once again.

@trugen hello,

Let me jump into the discussion,

First of all, thank you very much for providing access to your app. We have checked the plugin on your app and that helped a lot.

Now to the issue, what I see from the discussion above the solution with dynamic data in Element ID you suggested as a workaround (by the way thank you for suggesting and being so implicated in process of fixing). Unfortunately, the solution with the dynamic IDs is far more complex and will need code restructuring in order to make it work properly.

I suggest to stick to the initial objective - to have the possibility to apply effects on all elements from the repeating group. I saw that you tried to add IDs to the group from the repeating group and the effect was applied only to the first group. So, that is the issue that needs fixes. Our developers will make an update of the plugin that will allow applying effects on all elements from the repeating group not only on the first one. That will allow reaching the initial objective.

I will let you know when the updated version of the plugin will be published.

Hope that solution will work for you.

Best Regards,

Sounds like a plan @alex.grimacovschi, let me know once the update is available. Thanks!

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Hello @trugen,

We published a new version of the plugin. Please update the plugin in your app to the latest version to have new functionality available. Now you can assign an ID to the elements from the repeating group and the effect will work in all cells of the Repeating Group.

Please let us know if everything will work fine on your side.

Best Regards,

Works like a charm. Thanks for your help!

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