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Click and Hover effects on repeating group


Just bought the Click and Hover effects plugin. Looking good so far, except I cant get it working on all cells in a repeating group, which is basically the reason I bought the plugin for. Is there any way to do that? I’ve included the plugin in 1 cell and entered the ID in the settings, however… only the first in the row of cells is working properly.

Please check my setup below. I can give every cell a unique element ID, but that will require me to put insert dynamic data in the plugin’s Element ID’s field, which is not possible right now. Any other solution?


Hello! Thanks for reaching us!
Please refer to the following screenshots.
You can take id from the repeating group and assign it’s id to add-animation as in screenshots.

Let us know if that solution works for you.
Best regards, Vitalie.


Nope, doesn’t work that way at my end. Check this video: https://dsc.cloud/76c9b8/Screen-Recording-2020-02-17-15-09-52.mp4

Let me know if you have any other possible solution.


Hello again!
Please send the screenshots again because unfortunately the link is no longer working and specify the desired behaviour of the hover, or click effects you wish to implement.
Best regards, Vitalie.


The link is working: https://dsc.cloud/76c9b8/Screen-Recording-2020-02-17-15-09-52.mp4. Try it once again in a different browser.

If you want to check the bubble app yourself: https://messageport.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true. I configured it like your screenshots. The effect I want is Position Aware on hover, W8 metro on click, these effects are working properly using my setup, but only for the first cell.


Hello again,
We look into this issue and check if it is possible to do and get back to you asap.
Best regards,


I think there is a way to solve it: enable dynamic data for the Element IDs field in the plugin settings. That would do. But as far as I know, thats something you guys have to change.


Hello again!
After checking it out with our developers, we came to conclusion that unfortunately there is no possibility for such feature to implement in bubble, because the platform has it’s limitations and does not allow to transfer ID from one element to another dynamically.
Thanks for understanding,
Best regards,


Hi! I see, but thats not what I want to do. I want to set the element ID of the group to a dynamic value (like Current Cells unique ID) and do the same thing for the Element ID setting of the add-animation plugin. Every cell uses his own add-animation plugin. Bubble allows me to enter dynamic value as element ID.

All you guys need to do is enable the option to enter dynamic data in the plugins Element IDs field.


Hello, again @trugen! As we mentioned earlier, unfortunately enabling the option to use a dynamic element ID is unavailable, I am afraid that bubble has it’s limitations and does not allow to transfer dynamically an ID from one element to another.
Best regards,


There are plenty of other plugins available you can use with dynamic content in the element ID field. For example Air Tooltip. Check this screenshot. The only thing I am asking for is enabling the option to enter dynamic data in the (trigger) element ID field of the add-animation plugin, not for the functionality to transfer IDs from one element to another.


Hello again, @trugen. Please write which plugin did you screenshot, so we can work the way out with our devs.
Best regards,


Air Tooltip. Not a Zeroqode plugin, but it doesn’t really matter I guess. It’s just a proof of concept. By the way, changing this field to dynamic value is just a different option in the dropdown within the plug-in editor. And changing it to dynamic value means it can handle both static and dynamic values.


Hello again @trugen
Please check now.
Did a screenshot for you


Hmmm… doesn’t work yet. I don’t see the insert dynamic button. Will it become available through an upgrade of the plug-in or something? I’ve tried a re-install.


Try deleting the word block see if Dynamic ID popup appears.


Nope :(… any other tips?


Hello again @trugen
Could you add us to collaborators in your bubble page so we can troubleshoot



Done. [email protected] received an invite.


Hello again,
Please add [email protected].