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Click Send Done Right - Send Email Errors

Hi folks… I’ve just installed the ClickSend Done Right plugin, and I’m getting what appears to be a JSON error with the Send Email action. Can you help me fix this please? I’m on plugin version 4.1.1.
Thanks! Antony.



Okay, I get it now… the email ID is a number from within clicksend, not an email address… :slight_smile:

But after fixing that I still have the error, and I have narrowed it down to the fact that there are [ ] brackets in the email body. However I can have the same brackets in the body of an SMS and it works just fine.

Can someone help me understand where this restriction lies? Thanks! :slight_smile:


… and this is really important as I can’t send rich text content with tags such as [b] etc…

Hi @antony.

We’ll look into it, so I’ll update the status on the matter. Thanks for the patience.

Hello, @antony.

We pushed an update to the plugin with new actions, with the one that didn’t work for you ; could give it a try now.
Please upgrade to the newest version [4.3.0], and refresh the page after that.
Thanks for patience.

Zeroqode Team.