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Hi, is clicky able to set as a business a single location with multiple restaurants and have products from all of them in a single cart and when payment is completed each store will get the products only related to them, as the pickup location will be the same for all?
Also, when I add stores it seems I cannot separate the items of each one in particular, the whole item list is available for all restaurants and none of them is assigned in particular. Thanks

Hi @jdominguez,

Thanks for reaching out. Our Clicky template is designed to have multiple business operating on the platform. So for example you could have a whole shopping mall with all its stores on here, and customers only need to sign up once. Or you could just use it as a platform to sell individual store pages to retailers and charge them to use the platform. Of course, it can also work for just one business if they choose.

You can check our docs for more template information here.

The idea is that anything about our templates can be fully customized - design, workflows, API, etc. so you’ll be able to adjust it based on your own project preferences.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Thanks for the Reply, the thing is that I don’t see a way to add specific items to a store. Lets say that if you go to any of the stores, all the items are listed even when they are not from the same store. Thanks

For example, there are 3 stores supposing APTEKA is the mall, but all of them have the same items. So obviously I have to have the items that belong only to that store, and that store only. I’m guessing I’m missing the logic somewhere because I guess there is no way that could work in the real world. Also, do you have any update on the quantity as it is limited just to 1 item for each product which is weird in case a family makes an order. Thanks

Hi @jdominguez,

Thanks for feedback. Yes, you are right. This template was intended to add products to your shop, which may have multiple stores but your product list is the same one across multiple. And your customers may check on the stores (which should have different addresses) on the map to see the nearest.

The shopping cart was not part of this app so you can add multiple items because it is a one click ordering, but the idea is that you can easily add any changes to the template to meet your project requirements! This way, you can make your Bubble app look and function as you desire :pray:

Hope it helps!

Thanks, so how do you see the logic of the template to handle this?

“whole shopping mall with all its stores on here”

Hi @jdominguez,

Thanks for feedback. Sorry for misunderstandings, it was just an overall example. This template is using shops which may have multiple stores and all products are shared among all of them.

You’re right saying it is not working the same as expected in real world, but our apps are templates, which means they serve as a foundations of a web app, and you use it to build your MVP instead of designing from scratch to be easier.

You can customise the template as you like. :pray: