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Clicky - template need help

Hey zeroqode love the template .

In test mode no issue

But in live so far I have one

After click on the red connect button

It will come to this screen after filling up forms,

But when I click the blue button

It show me this message

I only get this message if the uri section is left blank at stripe

I have tried every page on the template but it not work please tell me how to do redirect to which page

Thanks again support

Hello @benny.ptmx,

Thank you for reaching out!

In order to make it work the URI should be https://bubble.io/poststripeauth to both live and development versions. Also, for more details, you can check our documentation for connecting Stripe here: https://docs.zeroqode.com/connecting-stripe-payment-using-stripe-plugin

Best Regards,

thanks @alex.grimacovschi , will continue to test the live version.
but great work Team Zeroqode

love you guys

hey @alex.grimacovschi works great, but I don’t understand how come the redirect goes to bubble.io, can you please explain ?

hey @alex.grimacovschi so everything working for clicky template, thanks guys
last question how do I edit the email sent by clicky, I don’t find it in document .

thanks support , I now start work on rently, still wait for doors template help

Hello @info_ptmx,

Bubble developed an integrated service for redirecting in order to make the setup process easier. Bubble service understands what application is connected to the API and redirects the user to that application.

To change the email you should open Reusable: Retailer Signup / Login > Workflow > When Button Sing up is clicked > Step 3 Send Email, and edit Body field

With the doors template, our team is still processing your request. We will keep you posted.

Best Regards,