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Clipboard and copy and paste issue

I need some help with a clipboard tool. Below are some screenshots on what I am trying to accomplish.
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 10.34.33 PM
The above picture is the set up. The plug in document viewer is on the left side and a rich text box is on the right. I have a button to upload a file and it is shown in the box on the left which is shown in the picture below.
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 10.36.32 PM
I can highlight text and right click and you can see that a copy option is available. I can click the ‘copy’ and then right click on the rich text box and paste the text. But I want a button to do that work.
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 10.38.19 PM
The goal is to have 1 button that on click copies the selected text to a clipboard and then pastes that text from the document viewer to the rich text box.

This is what I have tried.
1.) the aircopytoclipboard but it does not copy the text from the document viewer to the clipboard (maybe i need to adjust the settings)
2.) writing js code in the toolbox plugin. (can someone please reference the code for this because I used the (document.execCommand(‘copy’)) to no avail
3.) is there a way to bypass the clipboard by using my backend to select the data and then display it.
4.) download the document viewer and reader which returns the content of a document but not in the right format. Maybe use both the document viewer and the reader and word counter together. So the proper format of the presentation is displayed but whatever is highlighted could be searched with the viewer and word counter and displayed in the text box.

any help would be great as I have been spending a lot of time being stuck. Thank you very much for your time in advance.

Very Respectfully,

Josh Reissig

Hey @josh5 which problem did you faced with Document reader and counter, I mean the 4 list item in your previous messages.

As I checked my colleague suggested to you this plugin a week ago, but as you mentioned above there isn’t the right format of the response.
Let me know about your problems, and I will try to find a solution.

Thank you,

Hey Nikita,

I am trying to create a bubble app for students that takes a selection from their lecture (lecture is viewed through the plug in “document viewer”) and pastes that information into a notecard by pressing a button or icon. I am trying to use the clipboard button to extract information from the document viewer but is does not work. I want to take only the selection from the document viewer and move it to a text box. Any recommendations on how to do this? If I right click I can manually click copy and paste the information to the notecard. Is there certain code I can run through the toolbox or can I configure the document viewer to allows JavaScript code to take text to the clipboard using a bubble.io button? I downloaded the reader and word count but I don’t think that will work because it does not show the lecture which deletes the purpose. Thank you For your time And I look forward to your response.

Very Respectfully,

Josh Reissig

Hey @josh5, Sorry for delayed response, actually you didn’t respond on my previous question, why you are not able to use Document Reader and Counter, it’s suitable for this case, but you told that you had faced some issues.

Thank you,


Can the document reader and counter be configured to show the input document in its native state like with the plug in ‘document viewer’? If so how do I do that? The issue I run into is that the user sees the lecture from the document viewer but I can’t get the information from the viewer to my bubble app without manually right clicking and using the copy and paste feature. Using the reader and counter I get all the text. My thought is whatever is selected in the ‘document viewer’ plug in, a search could be done in the ‘reader and counter plug in’ and display the results of the search in my own rich text box. Do you think that is possible and if so how would I do it? This would basically bypassing the clipboard.

Thank you for tour time.

Very Respectfully,


Hello @josh5

Sorry for late response here, let me jump in here with a response.

The document counter and reader does not display the document. If you need to display the document to users , you’ll need to use the Document Viewer for that.
Document counter and reader however has the output state for Document Content which can be used as initial value for your search functionality.

However this may seem quite troublesome as the plugin will need get the input data via plugin element uploader, after that you’ll get the result content of that data.
But the plugin will not show initial document as mentioned above.

Maybe the combination of 2 plugins could solve the bypassing that is required, however this I’m not sure here. Maybe you could subscribe to a couple of days for plugins and give it a try.
If you subscribe to a plugin for one day you’ll end up being charged for this plugin fee / 31.

Hope this helps. :pray:

But exact your use out of the box it’s not possible for either of the plugins.
Thanks for understanding.