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Clonegram as Android and iOS app


Hello there,

Can I offer Clonegram webapp as an Android and Apple iOS app apart from the website?

Please advise.


Hello, Krishnam
yes, that’s possible if you use this solution https://zeroqode.com/native


Thanks @levon.

I am planning to buy InstaClone and customise it and convert it into Android and iOS app.

Want to provide Web Version but disable uploading pictures from desktop. Users can upload pictures using only mobile app.

Can you please let me know how much time this would take and how much would it cost?

Can I email someone who can assist me in detail regarding this?



Hello Krishnam
if it’s only that feature that you need to customize then it should be quite simple and you could try to figure it out yourself, because our project minimum at the moment is $3000, which wouldn’t make sense for you to pay.
Alternatively you can hire any other Bubble developer who could implement that for you, i don’t think that should come expensive


Thanks a lot for your advise @levon.

I will try to get in touch with a Bubble developer and try to work on this.