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Clonegram empty space ISSUE

Hello Zeroqode,

I am a happy customer customizing Clonegram, I have become pretty familiar with all the flows, settings (I think)

But there is one thing that I cannot fix. There is always a space between the visible group and the floating footer.

Can you please help me to figure out how to remove it? I made sure all groups collapse their height when hidden but still shows

Hello, @naticio. Thanks for reaching out.

Sure! Please take a look at this video record:

You need simply to move up the Floating Group Footer for this.
Please let me know if you have more questions. I will be glad to help.

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the quick response @Kate

but I tried that at the beginning because it was common sense but it didn’t work. that obnoxious space is still there

even if I disregard the floating footer and put it on top…the space is there…laughing at me for my incapacity to remove it


Oh, I’m sorry that it did not help. Let me please try once more. :sweat_smile:
I have one idea why does that blank space appears.

The first reason - you are previewing via the debugger mode. It adds some space above the debugger element.

The second one - group chat and group footer.

See this please:

Hope it helps.