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Clonegram Modification


I need help modifying the Clonegram template I just purchased from Zeroqode, particularly with the posting & post editing parts. How do I alter it to be able to have users uploading videos? Also, how can I add more options for editing images before a user posts their post?

Hello, @alexanderwill64
Thanks for using our template.

Can you please specify a bit, which exact options are you willing to add before the posting? For example, the list of filers can be increased through DataBase of the Template ( you can just create them in the DB):

Unfortunately, there is no such feature incorporated in the template.
You could see the documentation which comes with the template and see the template’s features, pages, and data structure: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/clonegram-images-like-instagram-template

However, you can add this function and for playing videos you could use this or any other plugin: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/video-player-1512891053548x348823817833938940

Hope my answer will help you.

Thank for for your reply.

But now my issue is that I cannot see the comment & like section on the posts in the template.

How can I fix it?

Also, I figured out how to modify the post-create element to give me the option to add a label to a post. But how do I get the label to show up on the post once a post has been posted?