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Codemap - world's first no-code freelance job marketplace

Hi all :wave:

In our agency and freelance no-code work, we’ve noticed a really strong growth in the volume of no-code projects, especially in the past year or so. Luckily, it seems like no-code is definitely becoming an appealing solution to more and more startups, solo founders, but also “traditional” companies.

Being that the first generation of makers is already out there, with many of us starting agency businesses or working as freelancers, we wanted to create a freelance platform dedicated specifically to no-code and put our skills and expertise in front of as many clients as possible. With a lot of awesome learning communities around, there seems to be a gap when it comes to finding a good amount of no-code project work in a single place - I am sure many of you are over the chaotic search for the few no-code jobs on Freelancer and Upwork. On top of that, the upfront bidding process on such platforms makes sustainable and rewarding work a pretty hard thing to pull off - and that should not be the case!

Personally, I have been obsessed with marketplaces for years so this was a perfect opportunity for myself and the team to create something we truly care about.

On Codemap, you can find (only) new no-code projects, get client requests, send proposals, and get hired. NO bidding, NO “connect” or whatever kind of fees for freelancers or agencies. Also, no need to manage RFPs via email, you can speak to and manage multiple clients within your own dashboard. So, pretty much an end-to-end marketplace.

It would be awesome to have you check out codemap.io and sign up if you are interested in finding no-code work or are looking for experts.

Our current product roadmap includes quite a lot of new and helpful features - it would be really great to hear your initial feedback on the app but also what you would like to see come next.

Thanks all and cheers! Hope you’ll like the platform :wink: