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Coding Is So 2021… Try No-Code!

The growth of no-code industry

According to market research in 2021, low-code and no-code development has come close to the $14 billion milestones.

  • Experts say that by 2025 the capitalization of applications based on no-code platforms will reach $45.5 billion. Based on this year’s figures, it is easy to calculate that CAGR growth will be about 28.1% per year. Do you know many areas with such dynamics?
  • Just for comparison, keep in mind that in 2019 the global market for low-code and no-code solutions was only valued at $10.3 billion.
  • Due to long-term forecasts, the market will grow exponentially for at least the next ten years. By 2027, this growth will reach 38.6% per year.

Investors don’t take no-code seriously. Really? Pfff :man_facepalming:
:money_with_wings: Our favorite Bubble raised $100 million in 2021 (source). The secret of Bubble’s success lies in the simplicity of use of click-and-drag technology and a user-friendly platform interface. Investors see great potential in affordable app development for everyone.

:star_struck: Stacker (source) platform transforms custom files — tables, pictures, etc. into applications. It turned out to be so attractive to investors that it was able to attract $20 million.

:bulb: Anima (source) entered the market in 2017 with a no-code solution that allows you to automatically turn graphic design prototypes into React.js code with the click of a button. In 2021, investors put $10 million into the development of this project.

Imagine — you can start your own profitable company with minimal investments (our paid plans start from 49$/month).

Some of our top courses:

:gift: Marketplace Web App like Airbnb Course — Build a marketplace app like Airbnb with Blockspring, Bubble, Stripe or Zapier.

:gift_heart: Createry like Patreon Template Tutorial — Learn how Patreon-like app functions from a user’s point of view, how to configure data types and customize

:taxi: OnDemand Mobile App like Uber Course — Learn how to build an on-demand mobile app like Uber or Postmates using Webflow and Bubble.

Zeroqode Lab and its largest tutorial base will be your reliable guide in the no-code world. During the learning, you will build your first, real, and ready-to-launch no-code application .
You’re not only learning but getting experience at the same time!

Best regards,

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Marketing Manager @ Zeroqode
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