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Coffee Template Bug Report

Hello, I would like to report two UI/UX issues in the Coffee template. They both have to do with the Public user page.

When a non-logged in user visits one of the public user pages which accepts payments:

  1. The form does not displays “Signed in as” without any indication that the user is anonymous (not logged in)
  2. If we attempt to click on the “Support …” button, there is no indication to the user that they cannot perform that action. This makes the user think the button is broken.

To me, both of these lead to a bad UI/UX.

Hello, @ivelinivanovdev. Thanks for reaching out.

Many thanks for your report. We will investigate this issue and make the appropriate changes to the “Signed in as” text element and “Support %author_name%” button. When the fixes will be ready for previewing - I let you know.

Regards, Kate

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Thank you for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to inform you that we have fixed these 2 UX issues you have reported. To be able to see the changes, please create a new app and choose the Coffee template as the base.

Or check the changes on our demo page:

Thank you! With your assistance we become better every day:pray:
Regards, Kate

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