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Coinbase - New plugin from Zeroqode

We just published a new plugin
Coinbase - This is the most complete coinbase plugin that allows you to trade on Coinbase and even accept cryptocurrency payments

here is the link to the plugin https://bubble.is/plugin/coinbase--1519063181714x300234111461621760

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

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Can you remove the send:bypass_2fa scope please. The scope is very specific and I am unable to use the plugin at all since all new apps have this restriction:

When authenticating it asks me to apply but there is no option from the developer console to apply, I think the mean use coinbase pro which is completely different. Unless you can show me otherwise?

I don’t want to send money anyway I just want to create a portfolio app. Your plugin is very extensive and seems great but sad only two users, I think if you remove this one very specific call you will have much much more sales. I think 2fa really only applies to very old coinbase accounts. Since I joined them many years ago it was mandatory.

Please & thankyou

Hello @fghdgsfa,

The scope of the plugin is to trade on Coinbase and accept cryptocurrency payments. Removing the send:bypass_2fa will disable its main functionalities so unfortunately, we cannot do that.

In order to create a portfolio app, you can set up your own API calls which will get the data you need. Here you can find more details setting API calls:
Bubble API connector: https://manual.bubble.io/using-plugins/special-plugins.html#the-api-connector
Adding API connections: https://manual.bubble.io/building-plugins/adding-api-connections.html
Coinbace API documentation: https://developers.coinbase.com/api/v2#introduction

Best Regards,

But only two users? In the bubble forum another mentioned they would not want this scope either. Where can I increase account limitation for this plugin? The fact is you cant and since all new coinbase apps have this limitation your plugin is worthless by including the scope. So I insist you revaluate your response.

Dear @fghdgsfa,

We understand that it may be useful to have a plugin without bypass_2fa scope but as mentioned above the scope of this plugin is to trade on Coinbase and accept cryptocurrency payments. The use case required by you is different from what we strive to achieve through this plugin. At the same time, the use case described by you can be developed in another plugin but currently, we don’t have this objective on our roadmap. Sorry but the decision will not be reevaluated.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience!

Best Regards,

You are missing the point. where can I remove account limitations (to use the plugin with 2fa scope)? The way you are conducting yourself in this interaction makes me not want to use any of your services. Do you have a manager you can escalate this to?

Hello, @fghdgsfa

Thanks for reaching out! I believe my colleague did said right about the plugin purpose which is indeed used to trade on Coinbase and even accept cryptocurrency payments.
To increase the default limit, you can request a limit increase from your application’s settings. Each user who has successfully authenticated your app can also modify this limit later from his/her account settings.
More you could read here - https://developers.coinbase.com/docs/wallet/coinbase-connect/permissions
Thanks for understanding and sorry about the situation.


Where can I find that option? in the coinbase documentation the link leads to 404


Hello @fghdgsfa

Sorry for late response, indeed seems like they moved or removed completely the instruction part of setting the limit.
I would suggest you email the coinbase to get a direct answer regarding your inquiry.
As well we’ll look at their documentation, to check how it was set before.
Thanks for understanding.


Hey @johnmark
sorry, but I didn’t get it, what do you mean? :slight_smile:

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Hi @levon

The transaction is cancelled after 24 hours. I just created another one. Please just confirm under the email s***@bubblewits.com. Have a great day.

@levon Hi Levon,

Can you give me your email address to fix the situation? thanks.

Does the plugin support Coinbase Commerce?

Hello, @kanvas
Thanks for reaching us.

Unfortunately, our plugin does not support Coinbase Commerce.

Sorry for this inconvenience.