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Collaboration problem (Edit and Preview)


Im trying to find a work around method that allows 2 and more collaborators to work on the same app with the possibility for one team member to edit the app while the other is previewing and testing the app at the same time. I have read on the forum about this and they say that its not possible, is there a way to link two apps on the personal plan in a way that if some one edits one app the other gets updated , if that is possible maybe it will fix the issue, if not please clarify on how this issue can be solved, its not logical that bubble provides this service with this issue in hand, because development is all about testing so i’m confused, Please help


Hello @omar1.

Bubble’s collaboration tool provides for more than one user modify an app - https://manual.bubble.is/maintaining-an-application/collaboration.html
As for testing the app I would recommend you follow the bubble’s instructions how to better maintain and test the app - https://manual.bubble.is/testing-an-application.html
This are usually tips to follow.

Also the feature implementation thread on bubble: https://forum.bubble.is/t/new-feature-collaboration-and-permissions/14459
how it works.



Hello Dumitru,

Thanks for your reply, however what im asking is about collaboration, will it be possible for one collaborator to test and preview the app while 2 others working on the edit mode at the same time?

Best Regards,
Omar Fakieh


Hello, @omar1

Unfortunately not possible with current version of Bubble. While a developer is working in the editor, the tester will constantly need to refresh the web page in order to receive latest changes and fixes.
However while a developer works in development environment, he/she ca push everything to live version of app all the changes and so the tester can test things quickly; but both devs and tests can not work in the same environment.
Hope this helps.