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I tried to test this plugin in live demo mode and couldn’t get it to work? Is there anything I am doing wrong, by that I mean does that demo still function?

Hello @ben3

Thanks for reaching out!

The plugin works on our side - https://www.loom.com/share/9ef15ec8dddd4c428c986cf463ee5498

Please check this demo out - https://zeroqode-demo-12.bubbleapps.io/togetherjs
Also please be sure to use different devices , can be the same local network or remote network.
But I believe even on same devices with 2 different browsers you should see it working. :wink:

If nothing works, would you kindly provide more details , or a loom video would help us better.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:


I am not able to get it to work when using more than one computer, but when I use two different browsers on my computer it works fine. What do you think that could be? When I open the link on another computer, it opens and asks me to join a meeting, but once I join, it doesn’t connect. There isnt anything to show as it doesnt do anything.

Hello @ben3

Thanks for checking back with us. Unfortunately not sure what could be the cause here.
Maybe there is something blocking the js on the other machine or other blockers interfere with access to remote device.
Try different devices, browsers, etc.

What devices are you trying to connect? OS, browser, etc. If you could provide more details, for us to check this out would be helpful. :pray: