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Commission in template 'Createry' dosen't work


I purchased the template ‘Createry’ and I try to test stripe payment.
The test creator set ¥200 tier and the test customer buy it in 10% commission.(¥ is Japanese currency)
Then, the creator’s stripe account shows ¥200, although I thought they show ‘¥180’.
Why is it?

My bubble’s plan is ‘personal’ and schedule is only in monthly.It is the cause? It will modify in next month? Or should I upgrade upper plan?


Hi there @Masumi, I have managed to check this issue. It is just the way this payment display is set up. It searches for the Payment from the database that has been made, without calculating the commission. However, the commission itself is working fine on our side. It should be ok even with Japanese currency.

Here a couple of screenshots to showcase:


As you can see it calculates the commission, which in this case is $20. To solve this, you are totally free to change/add yourself any workflow or design you’d like, and set up the payment to display with commission subtracted if you will. This doesn’t depend on the Bubble plan either.

Hope it helps.

Thank for your reply!

In my owner dashboard, it is work correctly.
But, In stripe dash board, it may not work.(That means the commission payment dosen’t work correctly.)
Please see the attachments below. It is test creator’s stripe dashboard when he gets 200 Japanese currency support. I think it shows about 180 Japanese currency.(Offcourse, owner dashboard shows correctly.)
And one more information, I have done set the commission in app date in live date.(attatchment)

I make it correct in stripe dashboard.


Hi there,

This is solved now.
It is my mistake, I’m sorry.
I have multiple account so, I have caused this issue.


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