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Comparison Website

Just wanted to know if a comparison website can be created to bubble?

Hi @arshadbhai42012, thank you for your message!

I would like to help you sort out the question you got :slight_smile:
Can you please let me know more details regarding the comparison website you would like to create on Bubble.

architecture will be like the site would compare lots of different product comparison pages
Compares anywhere between 2-5 different software brands

like their is search page with which we search out a product than later on product page there should be search like compare tab to add query to compare with the current product

Hi @arshadbhai42012, thanks for sharing the details regarding what you would like to create on Bubble.

The logic of the app is doable on Bubble, though in order to be able to create such an app we strongly recommend to have solid Bubble skills. It is quite challenging for users unfamiliar with the Bubble Editor to create the templates on this platform. So please be sure you have at least the Beginner skills.
I would like to recommend you to check the below resources in order to get familiar with Bubble platform and its capabilities: Welcome to Bubble: Introduction [1/10] - YouTube
How to Build | Bubble
| Zeroqode Lab
Lessons | Bubble

Let me know if this helped, or if you got any other questions.