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🦾 Complete Overhaul of Custom Elements Block from Zeroqode

Hey folks,

one of our Blocks has just received a total overhaul from our best devs. We’ve restructured and optimized workflows as well as completely rebuilt the UI/UX from scratch. Now it’s a gem!

We’ve also updated the template to the new Bubble Responsive Engine.

Check it out here:

Our Custom Elements Block is kind of a no-code kit containing custom (reusable) elements. These are the most commonly used and will fit almost any page.

Each element comes with explanations and instructions on how to use them. Click on the (i) to see details for each element.
To add an element to your app/page, just copy & paste it into your app.

Custom Elements available:

  • Login/Signup form
  • Account settings (personal data & change password)
  • Popup
  • Benefits section
  • Custom cards section (2 options)
  • Team members (teal view)
  • FAQ Toggle
  • Custom elements
  • Pricing block with 3 plans
  • Blog
  • Article page
  • Contact form
  • Subscription forms (2 options).

LIVE DEMO: https://basis.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: How to use Zeroqode blocks

Ecaterina Cheptini
QA & Support @Zeroqode
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Hey zerocode team,

Unfortunately, I followed all steps in documentation as stated but still pasting with errors and elements deleted - see by yourself:

Also added all data types - same issue

May be I am missing something
Appreciate your support or feedback

Hello, @echouah
Thanks for reaching out.

In order to help you with troubleshooting, please let me know the next information:

  • Have you received all these errors immediatelly after purchasing this template, or after some custom actions?
    It seems like you have removed the reusable elements from the index page, since we are using exactly them for each block.
    Please check my screenshot:

As you can see, under every Hero block there is reusable element, which can be found here:

Please send me the screenshot with all the reusable elements within your application :pray:

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Hi Ecaterina,

indeed there are no resusable elements when I copied the page from the app created with template to my target app where I want them.

I have followed exact process to copy the template page to my target app but not reusable element were copied and guess this is the problem.
appreciate your support on this.

Hello, @echouah

Usually, after purchasing the template, users start to work there, since copying every element from the template takes a lot of time.
So, in case you copied all the pages from one app to another, you need to proceed the same with Reusable elements.

Please check your initial template, which you bought from our platform and copy all the reusable elements.
I need to note that it is not possible that you bought template without them. Thus, please check it and let me know about your result.

Best regards,

Hi Ecaterina,

I don’t understand - I just followed your documentation you mentioned above (initial post in this thread)
you mentioned this: DOCUMENTATION: How to use Zeroqode blocks

I followed exact same process but no reusable elements were copied !?

Are we supposed to recreate manually all these elements in our app …
What’s the meaning of buying this template then!?

Hey, @echouah
I’m sorry for confusing you.

Reusable elements should be copied in the same way like pages.
They are placed on the page, but they are not the part of that page, but a separate element, which is placed on another page.

The block you have purchased, consists not only from pages, but from reusable elements. Thus, please copy them in the same way and put in your app.

Best regards,

I have made all requested steps copying all elements and recreating all data types but I still have hundreds of issues for formatting and other things…
I don’t think this is workable to reuse in another existing app…
Unless we want to start from scratch and use this template elements as an app, I really don’t who can play recreating and fixing hundreds of issues !?
Please if you have tested this before publishing, please provide us with a small video on how to use these elements and copying them to an existing target app to make use of them without recreating everything…

Hello, @echouah

Yes, sure thing it was tested earlier. The rules for copying the elements are the same for every product, which was built on Bubble: in case you are copying any element from one app to another, you need to recreate not only the element but its workflow and all the conditions, created for this element.

Currently, you copied all the elements from the purchased block to your app. However, all the issues are related to not completed settings of these elements: redirects, conditions, and workflows.
Note that workflows, redirects, and conditions are not copied completely automatically.
Allow me to highlight repeatedly that this rule is applied to all products.

You have 2 options here:

  1. You can open the initial template you purchased (I mean Bubble Editor of this product) and compare the settings for each of your elements. You will see that you haven’t configured the settings for elements. So you can’t just replicate them.

  2. You can press on each of your errors, so you will see its description. It will help you figure out how you can solve it.

I’m sorry for this confusion, however, I need to mention that such points are not described in the documentation only because it is a default rule of replicating elements from one page to another.
For example, I copied one group to another page and I’ve got the error:

I compare the settings with the default settings of the element:

After it, I just replicated them to my new element:

Hope it will be helpful for you.
Best regards,