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🛍 Complete Overhaul of Marketo Marketplace like Amazon Template from Zeroqode


Hey Bubblers,
one of our top-selling templates has just received a total overhaul from our best devs. We’ve restructured and optimized workflows as well as rebuilt most of the UI/UX from scratch. Now it’s a gem!

We’ve also updated template to the new Bubble Responsive Engine.

check it out here:

Marketo no-code template replicates Amazon’s main functionality, bringing buyers and sellers together on your custom marketplace platform. It allows selling physical goods; the template integrates Stripe for split payments, allowing the platform to facilitate payments between the buyer and seller while the platform owner keeps any commission. Customize your admin dashboard with just the functionality you need to make sure transactions are running smoothly.


  • Landing page
  • Responsive design
  • Split payments powered by Stripe
  • Admin dashboard
  • Buyer and Seller dashboards
  • Dark Mode

Live demo: https://amazonclone.bubbleapps.io/

DEMO & DOCUMENTATION: Marketo | Marketplace like Amazon Template

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Hello -

Does the Marketo template have a workflow for returns? All good for the purchasing side but wanted to ensure returns are available as well.

Hi @ericpannell,
Thank you for reaching out, and sorry for the late reply due to the weekends. :pray:

No, unfortunately, there’s no workflow set for returns. The template replicates Amazon’s main functionality, bringing buyers and sellers together on a custom marketplace platform.
According to each company’s policies, you can customize this template and add the option for returns.
Please check this forum thread, with additional information on how to create a Stripe Refund, hope it’s going to be useful:

You can add as many features to this template as you wish, by yourself, or ask for customization service from Zeroqode at an additional cost. See how we can help with customization.
Please note - solid Bubble skills are needed when customizing by yourself.

In case your project requires only small adjustments to the template, I would recommend checking the Freelance section at the Bubble forum: Jobs / Freelance - Bubble Forum or check on UpWork or Fiverr for Bubble freelancer development offers.

In case I can help you with any additional information - let me know.
Best regards, :slight_smile:


I purchased the template and have tried to add a new product as a seller but when I do this I am told: "Looks like you didn’t add your stripe seller account yet! :

And when I click on “Add Stripe Seller Account” I have the following message :

I don’t really understand the link between having to add Stripe and just adding a product to the platform.
Also, do you have an article explaining what to do about this?

Thank you very much.

Hello, @William.lbs
Thanks for reaching out!

Allow me to recommend you to check the official documentation for this template: Marketo - Marketplace like Amazon Template - Zeroqode Documentation

Especially, pay your attention on the Payment section here:

Card payments in this template are powered by Stripe using the default card checkout providing a secure environment for users. To set up your Stripe account, go to https://stripe.com, and create an account.

The ability to add a new product is only available to the Sellers, so the seller’s Stripe account is a part of the Seller’s profile.
In case you haven’t the seller account, registered in the Stripe Dashboard, your profile will be considered as incomplete.

Please try to check the documentation and try to add a product once again.
In case you will have any additional issues - let me know. I will gladly assist you :pray:

Best regards,

Hi there! Asked it on the bubble forum but perhaps this is faster:
I’d like to upgrade the old Marketo-version to the new version (we just launched our market place a few weeks ago on the old version) is that possible or do I need to start from scratch? And is the update free?

Hello, @diederik
Thanks for your question.

Upgrade of the template version is absolutely free, so you just need to create a new application and select the upgraded template.

Unfortunately, in order to work with an upgraded template, you need to create new application and start from the beginning. All the changes ( and there are quite a lot of new changes) could not be applied in already customized application, so you can upgrade the template, but can’t upgrade your app.

Note, that this is related not to the template performance, but to the methods of the Bubble Platform’s work :pray:

Best regards,

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Hi ZeroQode Team
I would like to know if there is a way in which I can remove the “transactional feature” of the Marketo’s template and just replace the payment for a Whatsapp Button.
I don’t want the users to buy through my app but just connect with the seller of the product that they are interested in.
Thank you


I have built a web app SaaS tool on bubble. And now I want to integrate the marketplace to it. I am considering buying the Marketo template. Also, the PayStart. Is there a discount if buy both templates? Can the integration of the marketplace into my existing app be done easily? What is the steps to import all the pages and data type to minimize redoing the workflows? Or is there another way that I can easily integrate this template?



Hi there,

I have purchased the template Marketo. Now, I am going to integrate the template into an existing app that I have. Is it possible for you to layout the steps that you think would create the less amount of rework and linking, etc.



Hi @gradylam, thanks for your messages.

Within the existing app, please be sure to recreate all related data types and add all plugins that are used within the Marketo template.
For reference - you can use the Data and Plugin tabs from the newly created Marketo template.

After that, you can proceed with the page copying (be sure to copy pop-ups and focus groups separately, as they are not copied within general action).

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our templates.