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Considering buying templates but have questions

Hey guys, I’m looking to recreate a forum like reddit.com/r/aww. I’m considering buying either Redditly, Uplisty or Uphunt, then modifying it so that images and videos take up the bulk of the surface area of the post.

A few questions:

  • How does the post display algorithm work in these templates? Is it like Reddit where it’s a mixture of popular and newest posts?

  • Will users be able to reliably upload videos? Will these videos be able to autoplay?

  • How much storage space is there? I’m envisioning a big collection of pictures and videos, potentially hundreds of thousands of user submissions per month.

Hello, @matthewtsai92
Thanks for your interest in our products and apologizes for my late reply.

All the posts are sorted by date of creating. From the older to fresh posted images. In the left sidebar, you can choose one of the presented filters by yourself.

Unfortunately, in Redditly template, there is no possibility to upload the video files.
To get this functionality, you can add any video-plugin manually from any other source (including one of our plugins), or use the standard Bubble Video element:

This plugin allows you to play most video formats simply by uploading a static file or dynamic URL.

We would like to mention that our templates present the base for your future Application. Thus, the storage capability depends on the Subscription plan, which was chosen by you.
In the beginning, you can proceed with your current free plan (Hobby = 2GB storage space). In case if you would like to work with a really huge subscriber base, we will recommend you to change the Pricing plan for more features.

Please find the list of Bubble pricing plans here:

Hope my response was useful for you.
Best regards.