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Contractor Stripe Setup Challenges

I’ve set up the Contractor Template, modified the page layout and process quite a bit to get it working how I need it. I’ve now started trying to setup Stripe. This process hasn’t changed so expected this bit would have been easy. I’ve followed the process in the documentation but have come to the conclusion I just don’t understand enough about the API to get it to work.

My first issue is:

  1. In the backend workflows, the account verification is missing a number of Request Data objects - eventually_due, individual verification. And I can’t work out how to get them back. When I ‘Detect Data’ they don’t show up. current_deadline and eventually_due appear but the others don’t. I’ve deleted and recreated the webhook but they’re still not there.

Once I get past this hurdle there are lots of other Stripe integrations that aren’t working. So I’m just after some help from someone who’s got Stripe working with the Contractor template.


Hi @jason.suttie,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please create a brand new app based on this template just for testing purposes, so it uses the original setups and you can go through the webhook process again in your Stripe dashboard. And if you encounter the same trouble, could you please post screenshots and/or screencast of your app and Stripe setups so we can see how it is configured on your side, to provide working solutions asap. :pray:


Hi Alex,

This is a fresh installation, going through the webhook process as I understand it.


I’ve just noticed that it didn’t record the Stripe tab, but all I did was send the ‘account.updated’ event from the webhook page within Stripe.

With the requirements bit it sends:

  "requirements": {
    "current_deadline": null,
    "currently_due": [
    "disabled_reason": null,
    "errors": [
    "eventually_due": [
    "past_due": [
    "pending_verification": [

But it’s not sending anything to do with ‘individuals’.


(I couldn’t see how to embed a video, so hopefully the link works)

Thanks @jason.suttie for feedback.

Yes, the video is alright! Please let us check on our template setups with our dev team and get back to you with working solutions asap. But could you please also share your Stripe test mode setups as per our docs, so we can check them as well if everything is ok.


Sure, can you clarify what you want to see for the ‘Stripe test mode setups’ is this seeing the keys in place, or something else?


Hi @jason.suttie,

No, this is just to see how you test the webhook from your Stripe dashboard and certainly not your keys, because we can see from your screencast that it is working, but only not all the fields return.

In order to solve this, please go to your Stripe dashboard again and when you initialize the webhook, you don’t press to send test webhook, but you need to go to your Connected Accounts tab, select a user that is restricted and edit any field you want from that user and save. Your webhook will detect it and initialize properly.

So it is just required to edit one of your restricted accounts (any field).

Let me know how it goes.