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Awesome, Jadish, thanks a lot!
Your feedback would help us a lot.


@levon @Dumitru - we are almost ready to launch, have a few questions.

  1. I am trying to improve performance while creating a project. Wondering if I can remove the Address thing for simplification. Curious to know what was the original thought process to have it? Is it to allow multiple addresses for the same customer perhaps? Maybe I could move the address inside the Project thing? This should improve performance a bit. Your thoughts please.

  2. Also for the UserType thing - doesn’t seem to be used anywhere. Was there an original purpose for this?

Thank you in advance.


Bump… @levon @dumitru – could you please respond? Thank you.


Hello @jagdish_bajaj

Really sorry for late response here, seems like slipped by me - your message. :slight_smile:

  1. If I understood correctly, you’re referring to multiple addresses for Customer Projects, which could be selected for multiple project locations.
    It was a thought, that one customer could have more than one project and also in different locations. I believe that’s what is used or not, in some cases, depending of customization approach some takes for the template.

  2. That one supposed to be a thing that would allow to filter user by type. One should’ve been, Admin ; another Customer, and the other Professional, by simply attributing a value to each type and making changes and conditions according to value of user type.
    However that was scrapped for another approach, which is using the fields PRO and Customer from User and with admin the condition is yes/no for accessing the admin specific features.



@Dumitru - thank you for your reply. I will probably remove the Address thing altogether since my app deals with large projects that occur one time and at a single location. Regards, Jagdish


Hey Folks!

I’m using the template contractor for Jumpdesk.nl and I absolutely love it, sad part is that a professional can only add 1 sub-category to there business profile, is there any chance to add more sub-categories to a profile?


Hi @timelance

Thanks for purchase and kind words. Though the template was build around a different use case, you could customize the template so that a Pro could add more then 1 type of service to their Biz.
You’ll need to rethink your db structure for that. Please check the documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/contractor-services-like-thumbtack-template#introduction
and as a starting point, this should help with database restructure and workflow changes.



Hey Dumitru, I’ve readed the documentation of the template and it cleared it up a little bit, one of the hardest parts for me is editing the db or inputs… I’ll add some ss below.

The image below are some of my sub-categories (I’ve got a lot of them).
My idea was that a pro (biz profile) can insert more than just one sub-category since I’m also active in logo design and in other designs (basically the whole category)

what’ll be a massive asset is that you can insert your category and have full rights of the insight of each subcategory.

Now it’ll display only one sub-category and it won’t let you add more as in the documentation is stated.

Do I just insert instead of Paren groups’s User’s PRO’s TypeOfServices change to Parengroup’s User’s Pro’s Category?

Or should I make another DB point for PRO’s wich as e.g. TypeofServicesmain as a list of categories ?

would this solve it?


Just looking further in my Database and also seeing all the workflows have entered a search for Typeofservices and pro’s who contains these type of services.

can’t it be possible to insert instead of 1 sub category as PRO a (?) 5 sub-category or even more?



As a start for database, you could create an object Business with all the current fields (description about Business).
For Professional object, you add a field List of Business, which you’ll get from Business object and assign to a professional.
And instead creating a business workflow for professional, you’ll use adding a business workflow for professional.
Add possibility to manage businesses like edit or delete, or view all.
And for the search feature : Do a search for professionals where list of businesses contains type of service of current user
Hope this helps




I will try to insert this in my db but I don’t think I can pull this off, is there also freelancers available on your templates?




Hello Jack @timelance

We do provide customization, based on our templates and from scratch as well.

We’re usually working on projects starting from 5k USD to make sure we can deliver something both, us and our customers can be proud of :slight_smile:
Read more about how this works: https://dev.zeroqode.com

I believe this is not the price range for customization feature you require.
You could post your request under Freelance category on Bubble forum - https://forum.bubble.io/categories