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I am using Contractor template and can’t see any admin user management functions - apart from ‘delete’. I’m looking under Admin / Users. I was expecting to see things like manage user accounts, approve background checks, etc. Where are these types of actions found?


Hello @plato39

Users management consists of deletion of the user, the background check is done behind the scene via Stripe verification which requires providing an identity document, an address and if users are from USA- the last 4 SSN number. Stripe will initialize a verification process of the details submitted and after it will end the account will either have status “verified” or “unverified”. Also details submitted usually differ from country to country.
The Fee management for platform and Categories management (Creating/Editing or deleting), are also present.
The statistics provide the visual information on how many projects were created and users signed up.

These are the base admin rights provided with template, others can be implemented and expanded upon.


Oh I see. I understood it was a clone of Thumbtack with the same functionality.

@plato39 Hi.

Well it indeed replicates the core functionalities of Thumbtack which we took as idea, but other features can be added as well via customization.
Pretty much everything can be customized and extended upon, that’s thing.


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Hi, I am reviewing the Contractor template to purchase – is there a tutorial video showing the details of the template? I recall that the Jobly template has a multi-part video showing how to use it.


Hi Jagdish, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately for Contractor we don’t have video tutorials just yet. But we are planning to create them sometime later.

Thank you Levon. I also received a link to the documentation from Olga and that was quite helpful.

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I was wondering - is there any way in bubble to have like a flow diagram view of an app? In the case of using a template like Contractor I feel I am reverse engineering by clicking and viewing properties.

@plato39 unfortunately there is no such thing in Bubble… We are working on creating a better documentation and video tutorials, but that would take time. :pray:

Question – when the Pay button is clicked by a Customer, there are 2 Stripe token conversions happening, one “Convert card into Stripetoken Pay” and the second “Convert card into Stripetoken Details” - what is the difference between the two? (the second is conditional upon current date/time being empty). Thanks.

Also - what is the purpose of the Schedule data type? It seems to be created when a new Project is created, but doesn’t appear to be used anywhere else.

Hello @jagdish_bajaj

Let me try to clarify this.
The Stripetoken Pay is actually the Stripe.js’s plugin payment action which lets user to make the payment.
The Stripetoken Details is not used, but rather it is implemented for extracting details regarding user’s card and save them for later usage.
Currently the feature to save customer’s card is hidden and in order to enable it you need to remove the condition (Hide when Currentdate/time is not empty) from group PaymentUnused on customerpage . After that you will have the ability to save customer’s CardID’s but you will have to create the functionalities involving using saved cards from scratch

The Schedule data type is also part of unused feature which can be implemented template, like create a schedule for a customer’s requirements.

Both this are hidden, and not displayed but if someone needs those they could customize to one’s requirements.

Also please check the documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/contractor-services-like-thumbtack-template#introduction


@Dumitru - thank you for your helpful response.

@Dumitru - quick question about searches. In some parts of the template, searches are implemented even though there is an alternative that would be more performant. For example, when a customer hires a pro, a Chat is created conditionally. The condition has a “Search for”,

even though the Project data type has a “List of Chats” that can be filtered to achieve the same result.

Leaving it unchanged would cause a search to be carried out on the entire Chat table, which could slow things down.

Before changing anything, I just want to confirm that my understanding above is correct.

Thank you in advance for your quick and timely responses.

Hello @jagdish_bajaj

Yes you’re right about the implementation of Do a Search condition which was used in the template, it can be changed to filtered which may be more performant. But that’s just in some cases, which I believe it all depends on how many entries of data you have.
Here’s a thread where it shows comparison of both methods: https://forum.bubble.is/t/do-a-search-for-vs-current-users-list-of-things-filtered-again/35689/5
The method you use it’s up to you. Here’s the condition which can be used as alternative:


@Dumitru thank you for your helpful response and those links. Really helped, much appreciated.

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We have pushed some fixes to the template that improve the do search functionality

@levon - thank you for making the fixes, I think it will make your template even better. I did make the changes suggested to my version to optimize the searches.

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Thanks Jagdish!
If you like our template you can rate it by going to Template tab in Bubble editor. Find the template by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great templates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :pray:

Sure will do @levon, this template saved me weeks of work !

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