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Converted PDF Page Quality or Resolution problem

Hi, Today, I subscribed to the pDF plugin

I am currently using the Zeroqode plugin to generate PDF for a group element on the page.

I have tried different group dimensions for a4 printing
w,h = 795, 1138 / 650, 910 / 850, 1300

However, the PDF quality is hazy.

PFA the actual vs PDF screenshot.

Kindly advise.

Hello, @bharatnxtin. Thanks for reaching out.
Please accept my apologies for the late reply :pray:

You are correct. The output PDF file contains the screenshot (canvas) of the element you’ve indicated in the plugin action. This is expected behavior.

Unfortunately, the latest plugin versions have a bit lower PDF page quality. In this case, I can recommend you using the 1.27 plugin version. It has way much better quality, but also it includes some bugs that were fixed in later versions. (not crucial bugs)

Please also note that the way you have to set up the ConverttoPDF plugin action on the 1.27 version differs from the setup methods on the latest versions. You should also use the Legacy plugin element if you want to use the plugin on the 1.27 version.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Hey I have the same problem, blurry output.
When I look at the versions I can downgrade to, 1.38 is the lowest shown.

What can I do to not have blurry output?


Can you please try to scroll the version dropdown? It should help you find the necessary version.


Well that was easy enough I did not have my window fully opened!

Any insights as to what to do specifically to down convert? Place a different element on my page and what kind of settings will change?

OK so downgraded to 1.27 this greatly improved pdf output on my desktop browser but is still very blurry on mobile browser any suggestions?

@jon3, apologies for the late reply :pray:

First of all, when you are on the old plugin version (like 1.27) you have to place an old plugin element on the page (Convert to PDF (Legacy)).
Second of all, you have to set the Convert to PDF A Convert to PDF (Legacy) action properly. The main point is to fill in the action fields correctly. You can use this post as an example:

The mobile page printing version requires a separate setup. Here I mean one workflow you may have created for the desktop sizes, and another one - smaller, for mobile devices.

The plugin can not adjust the PDF size automatically, depending on the device viewport. It will create a PDF file as per the parameters you have indicated in the plugin workflow (action fields).

Feel free to ask more questions, when you have such a desire. :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a good day!