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Converter to PDF cut images

This issue happening with “Generate to PDF Action”. I checked old variant “Convert to PDF” and it works right but quality leaves much to be desired.
I’m using RG to display images

Hi @taattaik, thanks for reaching out.

To check if the plugin setup has been done right, allow me to recommend using for reference plugin:

Hope it helps. In case you will have any other plugin-related questions, please let me know.

Okey , i fixed it by merging pdfs. Pagebreak ids as i get it doesn’t work right. The nex problem is different font in pdf.

In browser i used Cormorants font
This text within Rich Text Editor


but got this result in pdf

Hi @taattaik, thanks for letting us know about the found solution.

Please consider the usage of the plugin’s new action (Generate PDF from HTML), it should help to obtain the desired final result.

A corresponding action setup example you can find on the Demo Editor page.

Hope it helps. In case the issue will persist, please let me know :pray:

Hello, @Serg
It didn’t help. I guess converter doesn’t support Cormorant font or Rich text editor html code
This Editor HTML code
“[center][h2][font=“Cormorant”]Dear Shannon and Del Rosario [/font][/h2][/center] [center][h2][font=“Cormorant”]I am so thankful to have the opportunity to design your beautiful wedding. It will be an honor to watch our magical plans unfold.[/font][/h2][/center] [center][h2][font=“Cormorant”] [/font][/h2][/center] [center][h2][font=“Cormorant”]This proposal serves as my suggestions for your day. It details many of the particular ideas we have, along with options where applicable.[/font][/h2][/center] [center][h2][font=“Cormorant”] [/font][/h2][/center] [center][h2][font=“Cormorant”]In Kindness & Gratitude, Alona[/font][/h2][/center] [center][/center] [center][/center] [center][/center]”

Code is different from your rich text editor (also using)

Hi @taattaik, thanks for your message.

I’ve used your text on one of our test pages, and applied the plugin action that has been mentioned above, on the following elements:

  1. on the default Bubble Editor text element (applying the abovementioned font: Cormorant)
  2. on HTML element, applying the font family = cormorant

Applying the “Generate Pdf From Html…” action to the text with Cormorant text type results in a normal preview and correspondingly on a final pdf document.

See the screenshots:

Please use the default Bubble editor text element or HTML element (indicating the required font) with the “Generate Pdf From HTML …” action that was advised above.

Hope it helps. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin.