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Converting template into marketplace


Hello, I purchased the dealerly template which is targeted at car dealers.

I want to convert this into a marketplace platform where anyone can post a car for sale.

Any guidance as to how to approach this the easiest and most convenient way?

I imagine this shouldn’t be too complicated but I only have a few months of experience with bubble and would like to hear how the more experienced bubblers would undertake this.



Hey Nilson,
you need a button for each user to upload their listings, you need a page where they will be taken to fill out all inputs and add the listing, then you’ll need to add listings management in their profiles.
So there would be quite some work to do.


Do you have people in the company that will do it for me if I pay them? Do you guys offer that service? I know you do custom jobs starting at 10K but that’s obviously not what I need in this case. Just someone with experience to add the things you mentioned above.

I just don’t want to mess this beautiful, professionally made template, you know.

If you guys don’t do it, please let me know if you know of other bubblers that do this kinda thing.


we do it, but the project budget should be in the $5-10K. Otherwise you can go to https://bubble.is/agency and submit a request. Or post on Bubble forum under freelance category https://forum.bubble.is