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Copy and paste (Same template, different apps)

I purchased the Streamy template some time ago but now I’m having some difficulties…

I’m unable to copy one page of App2 to another blank page of App1, the elements duplicate themselves when pasting.

I’ve tried different devices and browsers but the problem persists…I’ve also contacted Bubble assuming it’s a problem from their site but they haven’t given me feedback yet.

Is anyone able to replicate this and get successful results?
I’ve also shared this issue on the bubble forum with screenshots but I didn’t get any reply (here’s the link: https://forum.bubble.io/t/copy-and-paste-pages-same-template-different-apps/106570?u=djpapzin

Hello, @djpapzin. Thanks for reaching out.

I suppose you need to copy-paste the elements of the page piece by piece, recreating on the app1 the page of the app2.

Copying the whole page with workflows can cause some issues, as you may see. But not only the design part can be pasted with errors, the workflows may not “fit” and cause a lot of errors in the app where you’re pasting the page.

So, I’d recommend you to use the page of the app2 as the example and try to recreate step by step all elements from it into your app1 blank page. This will be definitely a workable solution.

Also, you may try to “hide” some elements to fix the mess on the design page - in the Element tree click on the “eye” icon near the group element. This can help you to find the “excess” elements that were pasted and delete them. And to compare the Element tree structure with the original page (from the app2).

I hope this suggestion will be useful for you :pray:

Thank you @kate, that’s a very good suggestion, I’ll definitely try that out.

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