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Countable causing an error


I have the Countable plugin on a page. It was working fine, but yesterday I started to get a Bubble error when I previewed. The error says:

Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected error. Please report error code 1570371125133x515029971404811900 to the Bubble team

I have sent this over to Bubble, but as I have now, through a process of elimination found at that it is only when the Countable plugin is on the page when I get that error.

I ended up creating a brand new page and adding the Countable plugin to it, and as soon as I did I got the error on previewing.

Here’s a video showing this:

I have the latest version installed and have already tried removing and reinstalling the plugin and re-adding it to the page. No joy.

Hope you can help.


Hi @Siddhartha

The best solution would be, to let Bubble engineering team to check what’s actually causing the issue.
We encountered in some apps while debugging them, same error message. We sent bug_reports to the Bubble team which in the end provided a fix for the apps.
So for now, please wait for Bubble to respond for better approach to the situation.



Sure thing Dumitru. I will do that.

Thanks for letting me know. I will keep you posted.