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Countable - count spaces in character count?

Hi there,

Is there anyway to tell Countable to count spaces as well as characters?
If not, can this be a feature request?

I’m hitting an issue where an input’s value will vary depending on the number of spaces included in the string.
When testing, if I enter a string of small words (3-4 letters), they’ll cut off (I’m stopping the output from expanding for larger text values). I want to avoid this and the only way would be to include spaces in character counts.

Hello @niven.r88,

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, the limit of characters cannot be applied also to the spaces. And I am afraid the update of the functionalities of this plugin doesn’t have high priority in our road map. I’m sorry but in the near future, we will not update this plugin.

Hope for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Hey Alex, no problem at all!
I appreciate its a free plugin, so it doesn’t take priority.

I’ll just try and make it work the way it is then :smile:

Thanks for quick response!

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