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Coursely Analytics

Hi Team,
I am planning to buy this template, but I need clarity on these points-

  1. Is there a possibility to get course/ user analytics via this. for eg- tracking learner’s course completion for different courses, average time spent by them on every course etc?
  2. Is there possibility to have other payment option?

Would really love to get these answers as soon as possible.

Hi @puja.kumari,

Thanks for reaching out and addressing your questions. The answers is Yes to both questions, however it is important to provide some insights. Currently, this template doesn’t implement the analytics functionality, but yes - it is possible to customize the template after purchase, so you’ll be able to change anything about it and add some plugins for analytics purposes, or any other way you’d like for obtaining data you need. You’re able to change the payment method, as well as everything else to make your Bubble application look and function as you desire. However, we recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

You can find more info regarding template, here:

As a small token of our gratitude, you can use my personal promo code to get you 5% off any template(s). Please use ALEX5 at checkout and make sure it’s all IN CAPS.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Alex for answering this.
Just to give you more clarity. I want the analytics on ever user level who is going to buy the course.
So once the user has bought the course, i want to track the performance of my courses and that i would be able to do by tracking these following metrics-

  1. User completion % for every course
  2. Average time spent by user on the course
  3. Ratings and feedbacks
  4. Daily Active users

I would also like to know what all plugins if any would be helpful in giving me these data points

Hi @puja.kumari,

Thanks for feedback. I’m afraid I cannot help with exact solutions on this matter, as template customization is beyond our support services, unfortunately. But you can find all existing plugins on Bubble’s marketplace here or you can find more help here from the community.

Thanks for understanding.