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Thinking about purchasing the Coursely template, to use as a marketplace for courses in a specific niche.

Say the user sets the course price at 16.99 for example, is there a way to skim this payment (say 15%) then send the rest of the money to users account?

How do users then withdraw money?

Hi, @backwardsneb!

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, sure that can be implemented through the Stripe payment gateway which is, by the way, already in the template. Here is a link where you can find Stripe settings to familiarize how it should be set up: https://docs.zeroqode.com/connecting-stripe-payment-using-stripe-plugin. And here is an action which contains the App Fee field.

The seller has to have his own Stripe account to which the money will be redirected. And once the money is deposited into the Stripe account, it can withdraw it from the Stripe platform.

We appreciate you taking a proactive step and reaching out to us with questions!

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I hope this helps!
Best, Julia.